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The TI Experience

The Heart of New York Teen Institute (T.I.) experience is a four-day leadership conference, held annually. At T.I. conferences, high school age youth from throughout New York come together to learn and grow as leaders while they gain the tools and skills necessary to create a positive impact in their schools and communities. T.I. is ideally suited for adult supported youth teams who plan to work together following the conference. Teams work together to develop Action Plans- strategies that positively address specific challenges in their schools and communities.

Keynote Presenters

Don’t expect any lectures! T.I. conferences bring dynamic and enthusiastic presenters who address topics such as leadership, diversity, self-esteem, and prevention education.

Family Groups

All T.I. participants will be randomly placed into small breakout groups we call “Family Groups.” This enables youth leaders to meet new people and openly discuss topics that are presented during the course of the T.I. conference. These discussions are facilitated by adult volunteers and trained youth staff and are designed to build leadership skills, friendships, and self-esteem while encouraging networking among youth from diverse backgrounds and other areas of the state.

Action Planning Sessions

T.I. teams (school, coalition, faith and community based groups) will develop an actionable plan to implement in their community. Youth candidly identify risk and protective factors from their prospective.

T.E.A.M Circuits (Training, Empowerment, Action, Mobilization)

Our teambuilding highlight of the conference is participation in an Action Socialization Experience (ASE). Similar to a low ropes course, ASEs are group activities that encourage collaboration, cooperation, innovation, and creativity: critical skills for today’s learners and essential elements for any community, whether students, teachers, or staff. This fun, participatory session and experience intensively builds group cohesion through activities and problem-solving initiatives.


Workshop topics are carefully chosen to introduce and enhance our team’s skills and resources to further their leadership and prevention efforts. Teams leave these experiential workshops with increased knowledge as well as tools to use in their communities.

Diversity and Peer-Driven Learning Experiences

Each day of the conference is packed with activities designed to facilitate personal growth and information gathering. There is also time each day to relax and participate in both structured and unstructured fun activities.

T.I. is dedicated to providing participants with an experience that reflects and celebrates diversity. Participants will have the rare and unique chance to interact and network with youth from communities other than their own, gaining insight into the similarities that exist and respect for the differences.

Youth leaders and staff are given the chance to meet with and learn from other prevention leaders throughout the state. Participants share ideas for prevention programming in an exciting and energized environment.

Bring Your Team

Interested in bringing a team to our next conference? The Heart of NY T.I. continues to grow! We look forward to welcoming your team.  

Bring Your Team